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Purchase Premium Topsoil

Don't watch your plants and grass struggle to survive! With quality topsoil from Penn - Grampian Coal Supply LLC, you'll be able to add more nutrients to your lackluster soil and watch your plants and grass thrive.

Keep Your Plants and Lawn Flourishing

When you add screened topsoil to your yard and gardens, your plants and grass will truly flourish. No matter what your soil content is today, adding our screened topsoil supports the vibrant growth of your vegetables, grass, plants, and trees.

You’ll appreciate the richness of the minerals, composted material, and microorganisms that are mixed in with our screened topsoil. These will provide the proper nutritional balance for whatever form of plant life you choose to grow.

Insist on Screened Topsoil

When you insist on only screened topsoil for your lawn or garden, you’ll be glad to see that no new weeds sprout as a result of the topsoil you’ve added. Seeds and twigs commonly come right along with new topsoil. You’ll guard against those when you use only screened material.

Make your soil richer, your weeds fewer, and your plants more beautiful. Visit us today and get affordable prices on our screened topsoil! 
We offer prompt delivery at a competitive price! To schedule your delivery, call us at 814-765-2170.

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