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Various Gravel and Landscaping Rock

Where does stone or gravel fit into your landscaping plan? For a new, natural look, try the various kinds of rock available at Penn - Grampian Coal Supply LLC.

For Your Softscape and Hardscape Design Needs

Planning an attractive, inviting lawn and garden space? Create borders, pathways, fences, and more with forms of stone made with limestone, river stone, and shale. These quality products are all available through us!

If you want a virtually care-free landscape, you can choose river stone or gravel as a decorative mulch around bushes and shrubs.

When you mix the harder look of stone with softer materials, such as grass, flowers, and bushes, your landscape will strike the perfect balance you envisioned.

More Practical Landscape Design Ideas

Looking for more practical ideas to add to your design? You may choose a more coarse form of gravel to be used as part of your overall water drainage plan. These same materials can be used successfully to line trenches for sewer or water management in your yard. 

Limestone can be cut to a size and shape that will enhance your garden design. River stones, both small and large, can be interesting focal points in your landscape. No matter what rocks you need, you'll be sure to obtain the design you want with the selection we offer.
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