Penn - Grampian Coal Supply LLC.
Our Customers are the Warmest People
Serving Clearfield and Surrounding Counties / Located in Clearfield, PA



A Reliable Supply of Firewood

You won't mind the snow when you have a fire to keep you warm. Escape Jack Frost with one call to Penn - Grampian Coal Supply LLC. We'll keep you warm all winter long with deliveries right to your door.

Keep the Fire Burning for an Affordable Price

Receive a consistently reliable supply of firewood whenever you need it. You can rest easy because we always keep plenty in stock. You don’t even have to split it because we're dedicated to providing you with quality service at an affordable price. 

Supporting Your Wood-Burning Furnace Needs

Do you heat your home or business with a wood furnace? Your needs may be large or small, seasonal or year-round. Regardless of the season or quantity, we’re here to provide the amount of firewood you want, delivered to the exact spot you choose.
You can count on our team to deliver the perfect firewood to your location today.
Call us at 814-765-2170.

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